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Kotobuki Kogei Co., Ltd.

Headquarters location:
632-0065 511-1 Musashi-cho, Tenri City, Nara Prefecture, Japan GoogleMap
July 1967 Capital 36 million yen
Company Executives:
President & CEO Yutaka Segawa
Executive Director Hiroki Suetsugu
Executive General Manager atoshi Akiyama
Business Items:
Manufacture and sales of aquarium fish tanks and accessories
Trading Banks:
Abiko Branch, Resona Bank, Matsubara Branch, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Matsubara Branch, Senshu Ikeda Bank
Affiliated Companies:
Kotobuki Co., Ltd. (capital 10 million yen, import and export business of Kotobuki Kogei Co., Ltd.)
Affiliated Organizations:
Japan Ornamental Fish Association, Japan Pet Products Manufacturers Association

Branch Office

Kanto Branch

333-0866 4-28-24 Shiba, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan GoogleMap

Kyushu Branch

816-0912 4-6-10 Mikasagawa, Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan  GoogleMap


Nara Factory

632-0065 511-1 Musashi-cho, Tenri City, Nara Prefecture, Japan  GoogleMap
+81 743-66-22088
+81 743-66-23813/dd>


April 1955
Opened Kotobuki Case Factory under private management in Amami-minami, Matsubara City
July 1967
Established Kotobuki Kogei Co., Ltd. Capital 1.5 million yen.
July 1969
Hisao Segawa appointed as President & CEO.
October 1971
Moved the headquarters factory to newly built location in Amami-kita, Matsubara City.
June 1980
Increased capital to 3 million yen.
March 1983
Increased capital to 6 million yen.
April 1983
Established Kotobuki Co., Ltd., responsible for the import and export business of Kotobuki Kogei. Capital 5 million yen.
March 1986
Introduced tank sealing robot No. 1 in the headquarters factory.
February 1987
Increased capital to 12 million yen.
Opened "Noba" showroom in Higashisumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City.
September 1988
Opened Kyushu Sales Office in Fukuoka Prefecture.
August 1989
Opened Kanto Branch in Yokohama City.
July 1991
Increased capital to 36 million yen.
March 1992
Introduced tank sealing robot No. 2 in the headquarters factory.
Increased capital of Kotobuki Co., Ltd. to 10 million yen.
January 1993
Opened Nara factory in Tenri City, Nara Prefecture. At the same time introduced automatic warehouse.
April 1993
Introduced multi-purpose sealing robot No. 3 for large tanks at the Nara factory.
January 1995
Opened the Kitakanto Sales Office and the Kanto Distribution Center in Chiba Prefecture.
November 1995
As an industry first, opened the antenna shop "Paseo."
February 1997
Promoted Kyushu Sales Office to Kyushu Branch.
May 1997
Integrated Kanto Branch and Kitakanto Branch.
At the same time opened a new Kanto Distribution Center.
June 2000
Completed headquarters building. Moved to new building in Ao, Matsubara City.
February 2003
Acquired international standard ISO 9001:2000 certification (Headquarters / Nara factory).
March 2003
Yutaka Segawa appointed as President & CEO.
September 2006
Opened Paseo Dainichi store in Moriguchi City.
December 2007
Released the new brand "Blade xk" products.
July 2008
Opened Paseo Itami store in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Business Guide


The Planning & Development Department is in charge of a wide range of tasks ranging from planning and design development of new products to package design, production of promotional materials, advertisements, and information related tasks such as website management.
Since we are a manufacturing company, we value traditional planning skills.
The basis of product planning is to create products that customers ask for. We perform market research ourselves in order to understand customer needs and plan new products while referring to advice from our sales representatives. As a manufacturer with manufacturing lines in Japan, our strength is our ability to perform everything from planning to design and production in-house.
Because we can do everything in-house, we can commercialize products quickly and more accurately reflect the design goals in our products. We believe that the Planning & Development Department is very interesting in the sense that we shape the products customers want with our own hands.
We also think about new products, and believe that we cannot create good products unless we constantly keep seeking new ideas. The theme of the Planning & Development Department is to make new products and added-value products that can only be made by Kotobuki Kogei from the design stage.


We have created an environment with a light atmosphere where staff can say things without concern for hierarchical relationships.
By making communication easier, staff can easily ask questions even for small matters, and this helps us to prevent missing mistakes and reject products.
With our acquisition of ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2003, we reexamined the way that we work. All the specifications previously reported orally were documented and made available for review by anyone at anytime in writing. Thanks to this, we have drastically reduced errors. In addition, the attitude toward maintaining quality has changed. Until now, when operators started working, they checked by eye, then started working right away. Now, for every work process, operators measure the size of each material one by one and carefully check them before starting work.
We believe that these practices will lead to the creation of products with stable quality. Unless everyone's consciousness is unified, we cannot make good quality products.
We can only make good quality products when everyone works together. We also establish annual goals for each individual and make efforts to achieve them.
We will continue to manufacture value added products that other companies cannot make as a tank manufacturer, keep costs down while maintaining stable quality, and continue to deliver products that customers appreciate.


The role of the Quality Control Department is to inspect products manufactured in Japan as well as products and parts produced overseas and check to see whether there are any problems with putting them on the market or whether they will satisfy customers.
We check for scratches or dirt on delivered products, operate them if they are electrical products, and put water in the tanks, to inspect them as they will be used by customers. If there are no problems, we issue sales authorization. If we encounter problems, we immediately stop shipment and verify the defective parts. In order to prevent the sale of defective products onto the market, we conduct experiments on new products according to their intended usage conditions at the sample stage.
We prepare as many samples as possible and conduct experiments for as long as possible. We also conduct experiments under severe conditions that exceed real usage conditions. We verify whether products can withstand conditions beyond the normal environment, issue the experimental data, and start commercialization and mass production.
The Quality Control Department issues the final decision to ship products and works with a strong belief on the inspection of products without compromise so as to deliver products that can be used with confidence by many people. We aim for zero missing items and complaints, and we will continue to work from the customer's point of view.


Our concept is "We Create Fanciful Lifestyles." That is, we do not just sell aquariums for keeping fish, but propose luxurious lifestyles to customers through aquariums.
So, we aim first of all to satisfy our customers from the sale. We believe that when our customers are happy that they bought Kotobuki Kogei products, that will lead to further sales.
In that sense, sales staff always possess the latest knowledge and know-how of aquarium fish raising, and utilize a sales method of selling goods with the added value of advice to customers. For example, we provide know-how such as how to sell tropical fish, management methods, and display methods to our dealers as information. We offer both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ elements, such as combinations of fish that are compatible, what type of fish are suitable for what type of aquarium, and instruments and how to read them, in order to expand sales.
Our company's basic policy is in-house development, in-house production, and in-house sales. Unlike other companies, we have the advantage of being able to instantly make practical use of the information that our customers feed back to us. Even if a customer orders a tailor-made non-standard size tank, we can respond immediately with our in-house production. This is also one of our sales strengths.

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