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Kotobuki Kogei Co., Ltd.

632-0065 511-1 Musashi-cho, Tenri-Shi, Nara, Japan GoogleMap
July 1967 Capital 36 million JPY
Company Executives:
President & CEO Yutaka Segawa
Executive Director Satoru Akiyama
Executive General Manager Hirotoshi Ogata
55 people
Business field:
Manufacture and sales of aquarium fish tanks
and accessories

Branch Office

Kanto Branch

333-0866 4-28-24 Shiba, Kawaguchi-Shi, Saitama, Japan GoogleMap

Kyushu Branch

816-0912 4-6-10 Mikasagawa, Onojo-Shi, Fukuoka, Japan GoogleMap


Nara Factory

632-0065 511-1 Musashi-cho, Tenri-Shi, Nara, Japan GoogleMap
+81 743-66-22088
+81 743-66-23813


April 1955
Opened Kotobuki Case Factory under private management in Amami-minami, Matsubara City
July 1967
Established Kotobuki Kogei Co., Ltd. Capital 1.5 million yen.
July 1969
Hisao Segawa appointed as President & CEO.
October 1971
Moved the headquarters factory to newly built location in Amami-kita, Matsubara City.
June 1980
Increased capital to 3 million yen.
March 1983
Increased capital to 6 million yen.
April 1983
Established Kotobuki Co., Ltd., responsible for the import and export business of Kotobuki Kogei. Capital 5 million yen.
March 1986
Introduced tank sealing robot No. 1 in the headquarters factory.
February 1987
Increased capital to 12 million yen.
Opened "Noba" showroom in Higashisumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City.
September 1988
Opened Kyushu Sales Office in Fukuoka Prefecture.
August 1989
Opened Kanto Branch in Yokohama City.
July 1991
Increased capital to 36 million yen.
March 1992
Introduced tank sealing robot No. 2 in the headquarters factory.
Increased capital of Kotobuki Co., Ltd. to 10 million yen.
January 1993
Opened Nara factory in Tenri City, Nara Prefecture. At the same time introduced automatic warehouse.
April 1993
Introduced multi-purpose sealing robot No. 3 for large tanks at the Nara factory.
January 1995
Opened the Kitakanto Sales Office and the Kanto Distribution Center in Chiba Prefecture.
November 1995
As an industry first, opened the antenna shop "Paseo."
February 1997
Promoted Kyushu Sales Office to Kyushu Branch.
May 1997
Integrated Kanto Branch and Kitakanto Branch.
At the same time opened a new Kanto Distribution Center.
June 2000
Completed headquarters building. Moved to new building in Ao, Matsubara City.
February 2003
Acquired international standard ISO 9001:2000 certification (Headquarters / Nara factory).
March 2003
Yutaka Segawa appointed as President & CEO.
September 2006
Opened Paseo Dainichi store in Moriguchi City.
December 2007
Released the new brand "Blade xk" products.
July 2008
Opened Paseo Itami store in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture.
January 2015
Launched "Le Glass PONICS" to enjoy aquarium and plants.
February 2015
Launched New Brand "HYDRA"products for reptiles and small animals.
September 2015
Head office and Nara factory integrated, and moved to Tenri, Nara prefecture
Opened an order center in NARA head office.
December 2018
First in the industry! Launched "FLY MIX", a premium food made from black soldier fly.